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Primary Jurisdiction


Arbitration Practice

In practice since 1976.


B.A., 1967, Colby College; LL.B., 1973, Queen's University; Harvard Law School, 1974 (SPEC).


Mentor (1985-present) and Course Instructor (1984-86), Ontario Ministry of Labour Arbitrators' Training Program; Staff Member, Law Reform Commission of Canada, 1975-76; Professor of Law, University of Ottawa, 1974-75.

Standard Fees for Cancellation

Notification received more than one month prior to hearing, no charge except for hearing room cancellation charges and/or file administration fee; notification received within one month of hearing, $1,840.00; if date of cancelled hearing is used for another hearing, $0.00, except for hearing room cancellation charges and/or file administration fee; s.49, O.L.R.A., where date scheduled less than three weeks prior to hearing, $600.00; settlement during course of hearing, $4,600.00 (may vary depending on time and circumstances); File Administration Fee: Where a case is cancelled or withdrawn, and a substantial time has been expended in consultation, correspondence, scheduling of hearing, notices, et cetera, up to $900.00; Daily rate for grievance arbitration Is $4,600.00.

Lists and Panels

Ontario Ministry of Labour; Labour Canada; Bell/CEP and CTEA; Ontario Police Arbitration Commission; CBC/N.A.B.E.T.; Canada Post/C.U.P.W.; Ontario Hydro/Power Workers' Union; Ontario Community Colleges/O.P.S.E.U.; Dalhousie University/Faculty Association; Consumers' Glass/A.B.G.W.I.U.; Canadian Opera Company/Toronto Musicians' Association; King's College (Western Ontario)/ Professional and Administrative Officers' Association.

Related Adjudication Experience

Chair, Ontario Public Service Labour Relations Tribunal, 1986-95; Referee under Framework Agreement between Ontario Medical Association and Government of Ontario, 1993-95; Ecclesiastical arbitration, 1994; Vice-Chair, Ontario Public Service Labour Relations Tribunal, 1985-86; Vice-Chair, Ontario Labour Relations Board, 1976-84.


Ontario Labour-Management Arbitrators' Association; National Academy of Arbitrators.

Arbitration Awards on CanLII

For Arbitrator Picher's awards on CanLII, click here. Note: CanLII, the Canadian Legal Information Institute, offers free access to the full text of recent awards by this arbitrator.

Arbitrators are invited to send awards to In an effort to facilitate access to justice, Lancaster House forwards all awards it receives from arbitrators to CanLII.