Anne M. Wallace

Anne M. Wallace

PO Box 22114 RPO Wildwood
Saskatoon SK  S7H 5P1
Tel: (306) 373-0273
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Primary Jurisdiction


Arbitration Practice

In practice since 1994; also active in federal jurisdiction.


LL.B., 1983, University of Saskatchewan.


Associate Lawyer, McKercher, McKercher, Stack, Korchin and Laing, 1983-1991; Associate Lawyer and Partner, McDermid Lamarsh, 1991-1996; Founding Partner, Wallace Meschishnick, Clackson Zawada, 1996-2007; Dispute Resolution Neutral, Anne Wallace LPC, 2007-present.

Standard Fees for Cancellation

If notification is received two weeks or more prior to a hearing date - $595 a day; If notification received two-seven days prior to a hearing date - $895 a day; If notification is received 1 day prior to hearing $1,195 a day. No charge is notification is received prior to scheduling of hearing.

Lists and Panels

SCEU and PSC - Scope Hearings; SGEU - Disability Insurance Arbitration; Canada Revenue Agency - Independent Third Party Review.

Related Adjudication Experience

2008-present: Special Adjudicator - harassment appeal under Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Act - Ministry of Labour, Saskatchewan; 2001-present: Independent Third Party Reviewer - Staffing and Staff Relations Decision - Canada Revenue Agency; 1998-2011: Hearing Officer - Saskatchewan Police Act - Saskatchewan Justice.


President, ADR Institute of Saskatchewan; National Board, ADR Institute of Canada; Advisory Board, Canadian Industrial Relations Association, Saskatoon Chapter.
Member of:
ADR Institute of Canada; ADR Institute of Saskatchewan; Canadian Industrial Relations Association; Foundation of Administrative Justice; Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice; Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan (Formerly Mediation Saskatchewan); Canadian Forum on Civil Justice; Canadian Bar Association, including: Saskatchewan Administrative and Labour Law Section, National Administrative Law Section, Saskatchewan and National Alternative Dispute Resolution Sections, National Constitutional and Human Rights Section; National Labour Law Section; American Bar Association, including: ABA Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, ABA Labour Law Section.

Arbitration Awards on CanLII

For Arbitrator Wallace's awards on CanLII, click here. Note: CanLII, the Canadian Legal Information Institute, offers free access to the full text of recent awards by this arbitrator.

Related Publications

"Punitive Damages: A neutral's Perspective", Labour Arbitration and Policy Conference, June 2007; "Dropping the A in ADR", The Lawyers Weekly, September 2004; "The impact of the Charter in Administrative Law: Reflections of a Practitioner", Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice Annual Conference, Gatineau, October 2002; "Trends in Employment Law", Canadian Bar Association Bar Notes, Volume XVI, No. 3, Spring 2002; "Online Dispute Resolution: New Challenges and Opportunities for the ADR Professional", National Canadian Bar Association ADR Section/ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. Joint Nationals Program, Vancouver, March 2002.
For a more comprehensive list of publications see:

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