Kathryn A. Raymond

Kathryn A. Raymond, Q.C., is an arbitrator, adjudicator, mediator, and lawyer practising out of BoyneClarke LLP. Kathryn was awarded the designation of Queen's Counsel in 2017 in recognition of her contributions to the practice of law. In 2019, she was appointed to the Expert Panel on Modern Federal Labour Standards by the federal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, which submitted to the Minister a report concerning the advancement of five key modern labour standards issues.

Kathryn's alternative dispute resolution practice includes labour relations arbitration as a member of the Nova Scotia Minister of Labour's List of Arbitrators since 2008. Kathryn mediates and hears complaints of alleged discrimination as a part-time member of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and on the Nova Scotia Human Rights Board of Inquiry, the latter since 2009. As a former Vice-Chair of the Nova Scotia Labour Board for six years, Kathryn heard and decided labour standards complaints and labour relations issues under the Trade Unions Act. Kathryn has been appointed to a number of other tribunals, including the arbitration of insurance disputes, education, and tax assessment as a member of the Nova Scotia Assessment Appeal Tribunal. Her mediation practice focuses on the resolution of interpersonal conflict, harassment, and bullying complaints in the workplace. Kathryn has extensive knowledge concerning effective dispute resolution.

Kathryn's experience as a neutral arose from over 30 years of practice in administrative and employment law, in which she has represented the interests of both employers and employees. Kathryn also has extensive experience as neutral counsel to adjudicative and investigative tribunals in a professional regulation context. She has been active in developing legislation and policy, having been involved in statutory and regulatory development in Nova Scotia and policy development with both the Nova Scotia and Ontario governments. Kathryn worked for a time in the 1990s in the public sector as in-house counsel to the Ontario Ministry of Health and for over 25 years in the health care sector in Nova Scotia. An advocate of effective workplace dispute resolution, Kathryn has been invited to speak at over 90 conferences.

Currently, Kathryn is Chair of the Nova Scotia Administrative Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association and a member of the Regional Advisory Committee of the Advocates' Society. She previously served as Chair of the Nova Scotia's Barristers' Society Task Force on the Model Code of Conduct and as Chair of the Society's Ethics and Professional Responsibility Advisory Committee.

Tel: (902) 460-3419
Fax: (902) 463-7500
E-mail: kraymond@boyneclarke.ns.ca