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Dr. Hillel Finestone

Dr. Hillel Finestone is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, or physiatrist. He is a Full Professor in the division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine, at the University of Ottawa; Electromyographer at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre; and Director of Stroke Rehabilitation Research at the √Člisabeth Bruy√®re Hospital in Ottawa, where he treats stroke patients and devises rehabilitation programs. Hillel teaches medical students, residents, family doctors and specialists about chronic pain, disability and work-related issues.

Hillel's research interests include virtual reality stroke rehabilitation technology, driving and stroke, pain rehabilitation research, and opioid prescription in society. His book, The Pain Detective: Every Ache Tells a Story (2009), was written for health care professionals, lawyers, labour representatives, and laypersons; it describes the psychological, work and social factors involved in healing from a painful musculoskeletal injury.

Hillel graduated from McGill University's Medical School and received physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty training at the Universities of Ottawa and Michigan.

Tel: (613) 562-6094
E-mail: hfinestone@bruyere.org