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Contract Clauses, 3rd Edition

Contract Clauses, 3rd Edition

A loose-leaf service providing the latest changes and innovations in contract clauses, the updated comprehensive Third Edition of Contract Clauses is the authoritative guide to learning what clauses to negotiate, how to draft contract language, and how the language you use will be interpreted by arbitrators.

Unique in its analysis and discussion of actual contract clauses from existing collective agreements in Canada, Contract Clauses will ensure that the language in your next round of negotiations fully reflects your needs and concerns. Over 1,200 clauses are examined, in the context of applicable legislation and relevant arbitration awards. Several examples are given for each type of clause, covering 65 major bargaining topics, including job security, employment equity, contracting out and technological change. Covering all jurisdictions in Canada, both federal and provincial, this 800-page loose-leaf service gives you:

  • Over 1,200 actual clauses from hundreds of collective agreements
  • Current legislation with analysis and discussion
  • Checklists and tips for drafting specific clauses
  • Relevant decisions of courts and tribunals
  • Handy clause-finder and index
  • Expert commentary and advice on 65 key bargaining topics

The loose-leaf format of Contract Clauses permits an ongoing response to developments in contract language. Through the release of regular updates, you will be kept up-to-date on new clauses, as well as changes in legislation and arbitration decisions that affect collective bargaining.