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Labour Arbitration Yearbook 2012-2013

Labour Arbitration Yearbook 2012-2013

Known for its incisive analysis by noted experts, the Labour Arbitration Yearbook is the authoritative forum for discussion of critical issues in Canadian labour arbitration. Labour Arbitration Yearbook is a convenient, reliable way for everyone with an interest in the field to keep abreast of current developments.

Each volume of the Yearbook contains insightful articles, reflecting the diverse viewpoints in the labour arbitration community, contributed by leading arbitrators and by advocates for unions and management.

This edition of the Yearbook is the first in the newly launched Second Series, and includes papers on such current and controversial questions as social media in the workplace, the accommodation of employees' family responsibilities, addiction as a factor in misconduct, evolving privacy rights, and effective strategies for presenting cases at arbitration.

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