Mark Asbell

After 17 years as Chair of the Alberta Labour Relations Board, and an additional 5 years as Vice-Chair of the Labour Relations Board and the Public Service Employee Relations Board, Mark Asbell, Q.C. will leave the Board to set up his own arbitration, mediation, and adjudication practice, Asbell Dispute Resolution. He is the author of hundreds of adjudicative decisions and awards, and has extensive experience in helping parties reach agreements in collective agreement negotiations and mediation, as well as in assisting parties in resolving legal disputes generally. Mark has unique insight and knowledge and brings a wealth of alternative dispute resolution experience, from helping resolve broad disputes in construction, education, and health care, to acting as an arbitrator for the Centre for Sport and Law and assessing doping allegations against Olympic level athletes.

Mark is an active community volunteer, serving on many local, provincial, and national charity and athletic boards. He remains an active guest lecturer for university and college courses and is regularly asked to speak at or chair various conferences.

Tel: (780) 906-2234