Craig Bavis

Craig Bavis is a partner at Victory Square Law Office, a union-side labour law firm in Vancouver. Craig primarily represents unions in the education, health care, transportation, mining, forestry, and manufacturing sectors. He has a particular interest in human rights and Charter of Rights and Freedoms issues, and has been published in the Alberta Law Review on Charter and equality rights. Craig has been part of the legal team working with lawyers representing the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour since 2008, at the trial level, appeal level, and now the Supreme Court of Canada, which has announced that in 20014 it will hear the SFL’s appeal regarding the right to strike and the designation of essential services.

Craig was called to the B.C. Bar in 2000, and was called to the Saskatchewan Bar in 2010. In his spare time, he is working on an LL.M. at Osgoode Hall.

Tel: (604) 602-7988