Paulette DeKelver

Paulette DeKelver is a partner at the law firm Seveny Scott, where she advises and represents employees in all aspects of employment law, including wrongful and constructive dismissal claims, accommodation, and privacy issues. Paulette also assists employees with disability claims such as benefit entitlement, and advises and represents unions and associations in matters relating to labour relations. She has a strong background in civil litigation and advocacy for individual rights, especially relating to medical and disability benefit claims. Paulette has appeared before the Alberta Court of Appeal, the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, and the Provincial Court of Alberta.

Paulette is admitted to the Law Society of Alberta (2003) and the Law Society of the Northwest Territories (2011), and is a member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association. She has presented on the use and role of expert evidence and on medical claims. In addition, she is an instructor and facilitator with the Legal Education Society of Alberta in Oral Advocacy and Chambers Practice.

Paulette holds an LL.B. with distinction from the University of Alberta, where she worked as a researcher with the Alberta Law Reform Institute.

Tel: (780) 638-6061