M-J Milloy

M-J Milloy is an epidemiologist and research scientist at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use. His research focuses on the social/structural determinants of health and wellness for people who use drugs, especially people who use drugs and are living with HIV. He is the principal investigator of the AIDS Care Cohort to evaluate Exposure to Survival Services (ACCESS), an ongoing study of more than 1,000 HIV-positive people who use drugs, many living in the Downtown Eastside. In light of M-J's research showing a beneficial impact of cannabis use on HIV disease, the University of British Columbia received $1-million to investigate the medical application of cannabinoids.

M-J is also the Principal Investigator of the Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary Users Study, investigating the use, harms and benefits of cannabis among clients of retail dispensaries. To date, he has published almost 200 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including studies in top-ranking journals such as the Canadian Medical Association Journal and Lancet. He is supported by a New Investigator award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, a Scholar award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, and the United States National Institutes of Health.

M-J holds a M.Sc. (2008) and Ph.D. (2011) from UBC, and has completed post-doctoral studies at Harvard University.

Email: mjmilloy@cfenet.ubc.ca