Angela Bradley

Angela Bradley has over 20 years of experience practising employment and labour law in the U.S. and Canada. Before starting her practice in workplace investigation and mediation in 2015, Angela practised with a Toronto labour and employment boutique and in-house at a school board and a hospital. She investigates and mediates bullying, harassment, and human rights allegations and develops respectful workplace policies and programs. From 2016 to 2018, she was a member of the Board of Directors of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario and of the Executive Committee of the Ontario Bar Association's Alternative Dispute Section. In 2019, Angela achieved the designation of Qualified Mediator through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada.

Angela holds a J.D. from the Northeastern University School of Law in Boston and a J.D. Equivalency from the University of Toronto. She holds certificates in Workplace Investigation from the Association of Workplace Investigators and in Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor School of Law and Stitt Feld Handy Group. She is a member of the Ontario Bar and the Massachusetts Bar.

Tel: (416) 901-2263