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Directory of Arbitrators

Lancaster's Directory of Arbitrators is a free, comprehensive listing of over 200 qualified arbitrators in Canada. The Directory includes useful information about each arbitrator, such as: qualifications, background, case experience, contact information and availability. View a complete listing of all arbitrators, or search by last name or jurisdiction.

  • If you are an arbitrator and would like to be listed in our Directory, please fill out our application form.
  • If you are an arbitrator currently listed on our Directory, and would like to update your information, please fill out our form with your name and the fields you wish to update.
  • If you are an arbitrator listed on our Directory, and you would like to be removed, please contact us.

Criteria for Inclusion of Arbitrators in Directory of Arbitrators

To be included in Lancaster's Directory of Arbitrators an individual must demonstrate active involvement in labour arbitration in Canada as a consensually appointed neutral single arbitrator or chair of boards of arbitration.

The following will normally be accepted as evidence of current activity as a neutral arbitrator:

  • Inclusion on a provincial government's list of labour arbitrators, or
  • Proof of 3 consensual appointments as a labour arbitrator from different parties in the past year.

The selection committee has discretion regarding the weight given to evidence that an individual is currently active as a neutral arbitrator. Inclusion will be reviewed every 3 years.

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Kachur, Randy P. Saskatchewan (306) 783-8523
Kanee, Lyle Ontario (647) 287-1957 Available Dates
Kaplan, William Ontario 416-400-5425 Available Dates
Keller, Brian Ontario (613) 729-2855 Available Dates
Kirkwood, Belinda Ontario (416) 485-2499 Available Dates
Knapp, Cathy British Columbia (604) 760-0206
Knopf, Paula Ontario (416) 432-1583 Available Dates
Korbin, Judi British Columbia (604) 691-2554
Koskie, Theodore Saskatchewan (306) 242-8478
Kuttner, Thomas Ontario (519) 551-8354 Available Dates