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Bargaining: Occupational Health and Safety


Lancaster House presents your new bargaining companion!

Lancaster's Collective Bargaining Series is a set of ten portable, easy-to-use texts in a softcover format, providing comprehensive coverage of workplace law and contract language on all major bargaining topics in Canada. As an added feature, the books in this series include 1,700 clauses drawn from over 600 collective agreements in both the public and private sectors, together with expert analysis and applicable legislative and case references.

The topics addressed in Bargaining: Occupational Health and Safety include:

  • statutory obligations of employers and employees
  • work refusals
  • stop-work procedures
  • workplace violence and harassment
  • criminal liability for safety violations
  • safety equipment and protective clothing
  • health and safety training
  • joint health and safety committees
  • investigations and inspections
  • rights of pregnant employees

Designed for on-the-go negotiators, each of these ten handy texts is:

  • A concise, informative paperback you can transport with ease
  • An indispensable resource at the bargaining table
  • A comprehensive guide to all major bargaining issues
  • An easy-to-access source of commentary on applicable legislation and case law

Call (416) 977-6618 for special multiple volume pricing or for discounts on the entire series. Also available in online format.

Sample: Collective Bargaining Series — Volume 1, Chapter 1
Sample: Collective Bargaining Series — Volume 2, Chapter 4