Suzanne Bailey

The CSA's new voluntary standard on psychological health and safety in the workplace has created greater awareness of the role working conditions play in mental health, but workplace parties may still be at a loss for practical ways to create healthy work environments and to support individuals experiencing mental distress. Lieutenant-Colonel Suzanne Bailey will introduce the mental health continuum model, which eschews the stark dichotomy of "healthy employees" and "sick employees" in favour of a model that stresses identification of, and assistance for, employees earlier stages of mental distress.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bailey has been a member of the Canadian Forces for 27 years, beginning her career as a military police officer and then completing her post-graduate education in 1996 to become a social work officer. After doing clinical work on military bases in Canada for nine years, she was employed in Mental Health Promotion and Mental Health Education and Training from 2005 to 2011. In July 2011, Lt.-Col. Bailey was promoted to her current rank and appointed National Practice Leader for Social Work for the Canadian Forces.

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