Amy Kishek is in-house legal counsel at the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), where she represents the union and its members across Ontario before arbitrators, labour boards, and tribunals. Previously, Amy worked for a nation union representing workers in various jurisdictions across Canada and representing the union before parliamentary committees and in judicial reviews. Her advocacy work includes championing legislative reforms across Canadian jurisdictions for unpaid interns and greater protections for students. Amy’s expertise covers a variety of labour issues, including workplace violence, human rights, collective bargaining, union activity, municipal sector, and legislative reforms.

A passionate activist for anti-racism, access to justice, and workers’ rights, Amy has been published and appeared in national media as both a contributor and regular columnist in a variety of publications and podcasts. Amy is actively involved in the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers.

Amy holds a J.D. (Common Law) from the University of Ottawa and an M.A. in Political Economy of International Development from the University of Toronto, where she was a Junior Fellow at Massey College.