Making a Deal: The Art of Negotiating, Second Edition

Authored by one of Canada’s leading mediators, Martin Teplitsky, this jargon-free, straight-talking book gives proven strategies for labour negotiations, including basic principles and techniques to help you be a better negotiator. Also includes new sections on interest-based bargaining and public sector dispute resolution.

You will learn:

  • The role of the mediator
  • The key to negotiating
  • Confronting your alternatives
  • Structuring bargaining
  • Signalling positions
  • Setting deadlines
  • Creating a climate of trust
  • Setting the bargaining agenda
  • Using the win/win approach
  • Assessing the risks
  • Obtaining a mandate
  • Bargaining total compensation
  • Exchanging bargaining packages
  • Creating leverage

Softcover – $65