Bob Thompson lectures on labour and employment law, negotiations, industrial relations, and business-case analysis to college, university, and graduate students as a Professor of Human Resources at Seneca College, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, and the Director of Osgoode Hall Law School’s Lawyer as Negotiator course.

In his own studies, Bob has focused his research on the utility of apologies in workplace dispute mediations. He gained experience in human resources, labour relations, and workplace law first at a large Canadian retailer and then at a large Canadian financial institution handling grievances, engaging in collective bargaining, and resolving large volumes of workplace disputes. Currently, Bob is actively involved in the governance of Ontario’s Human Resources Professionals Association.

Bob holds an LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School, an LL.B./M.B.A. from the University of Ottawa, an M.B.A. from Kent University in England, and an Industrial Engineering degree from Kettering University in Michigan.