Labour Arbitration in Canada

Third Edition

Based on Lancaster’s popular service, Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration, this compact softcover text is an indispensable resource for all labour relations practitioners.

The newly issued Third Edition has been extensively revised and updated to reflect, in a convenient and easy-to-read format, the most recent developments in the law of labour arbitration. Organized into three broad headings – Evidence and Procedure, Discharge and Discipline, and Contract Interpretation – LABOUR ARBITRATION IN CANADA provides authoritative discussion and analysis of over 2,500 court, arbitral, and tribunal decisions, as well as relevant legislation.

Written by Mort Mitchnick and Professor Brian Etherington, two of the country’s foremost arbitrators, LABOUR ARBITRATION IN CANADA features Canada-wide coverage of more than 150 topics, including:

  • Video surveillance
  • Violence, harassment, and bullying
  • Disciplinary offences and assessment of penalty
  • Drug & alcohol testing and other employer policies affecting privacy
  • Wages, benefits, and leaves of absence
  • Sick leave, medical examinations, and the collection of health information
  • Disability, family status, and the duty to accommodate
  • Probationary employees
  • Union representation and disciplinary procedures
  • Seniority, job postings, layoff and recall
  • Sexual harassment
  • Management rights
  • Assessment of damages for breach of contract or statute
  • Strikes and strike-related misconduct
  • Hearsay, privilege, onus of proof, and Charter evidentiary issues
  • Principles of collective agreement interpretation
  • Union rights and union responsibilities
  • Hours of work and other employment standards issues
  • Time limits, production of documents, and arbitration procedures
  • Attendance management

LABOUR ARBITRATION IN CANADA fills a longstanding need for an accessible yet comprehensive reference work in this field, in a portable format.


Mitchnick and Etherington’s Leading Cases on Labour Arbitration, recently updated to include current caselaw and legislative developments, is available in a one-volume loose-leaf format and an online version, purchasable separately at a price of $499, or a combined price of $599.

Softcover – $165
eBook * – $125

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