Dr. Kristine Peace (KP) is currently a Full Professor in the Department of Psychology at MacEwan University. She joined the faculty in 2006 and is actively engaged in teaching, research, student mentorship, and consulting.

Along with students in the PERPLab (Processes in Emotion, Recollection, & Violence Perception), KP maintains an active research program that focuses broadly on topics concerning interpersonal violence (sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence) and victim blaming, perceptions of marginalized groups in forensic contexts, psychopathic traits and emotional processing, trauma, and recollections of victimization and crime, as well as credibility assessment, malingering, and legal decision making biases. KP has published, presented, and written extensively on these topics and consults on legal cases relevant to her field. Dr. Peace teaches broadly within social and forensic psychology, human memory, and special topics courses on courtroom bias, interpersonal violence/stalking, case analysis, and psychopathy. She was the recipient of the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA) Distinguished Teaching Award in 2020 and MacEwan’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2022.