Leanne commenced her career in Australia where she graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology. She was called to the bar in 2008 and worked as in-house legal counsel at the head office of a multi-national medical device company.

Leanne initially moved to Vancouver to volunteer at the 2010 Olympic Games and loved the west coast lifestyle so much she never looked back. Since then, she has worked with regional government, the Post-Secondary Employers’ Association (PSEA) and the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA). Leanne was called to the bar in British Columbia in 2019.

In her current role as Executive Director, Labour Relations (Collective Bargaining) with BCPSEA, Leanne is a member of the Executive Team, leads the BCPSEA collective bargaining team, and is responsible for establishing and implementing strategic direction for K-12 collective bargaining. She is the spokesperson at the two provincial tables, with the BC Teachers’ Federation and K-12 Support Staff Presidents’ Council, and coordinates support of the 130 local tables.

Leanne believes in focusing on building respectful relations and has a talent for being candid but kind in bargaining. She is well respected by both employer and union leaders across the sector.