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A pioneering innovator, Mr. Teplitsky has established streamlined systems of grievance arbitration at such institutions as Ontario Hydro and Air Canada, and has ensured as Chief Arbitrator that grievance and arbitration procedures deliver justice to individual employees on a basis that is both expedited and cost-efficient for employers and unions.As well, Mr. Teplitsky is widely known for his success in the use of mediation to resolve contract renewal disputes. Indeed he is to a significant extent responsible for the fact that mediation has become the norm as an instrument for achieving a positive outcome in interest disputes.Mr. Teplitsky has distinguished himself also as a legal scholar and a practising litigator. Formerly an associate professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, and for most of his career senior partner of the law firm of Teplitsky Colson in Toronto, he has authored numerous articles on civil procedure as well as on labour law.Nothing has done Mr. Teplitsky greater credit than the courageous stand he has made in defence of the independence of arbitrators as a crucial element of labour relations in Canada – essential to the legitimacy of the arbitration process and to its acceptance by labour and management as a substitute for the right to strike. In this regard he has served as a model to the arbitral profession and a beacon to the wider community.

In addition to his manifold professional achievements, Mr. Teplitsky is highly regarded for his support of legal education, in particular at the Universities of Ottawa and Toronto, and for his many contributions to charitable causes, including the founding and direction of the Law Society’s “Feed the Hungry” program.

As a result, Mr. Teplitsky has been frequently honoured, and in addition to his appointment as Queen’s Counsel, is the recipient of the Law Society Medal, the Guthrie Award, and the Order of Ontario. The Bora Laskin Award represents the recognition of his most lasting achievements – modernization of the grievance arbitration process and reconciliation of labour-management differences in crisis-laden interest disputes.

Recipient of the 2012 Bora Laskin Award.