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Michel Picher, formerly a law professor at the University of Ottawa and Vice-Chair of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, has been a full-time bilingual arbitrator and mediator since 1983. He has had extensive experience as Chief Arbitrator of the Canadian Railway Office of Arbitration & Dispute Resolution since 1986 and as a panel arbitrator with Canada Post, CBC, Air Canada, Ontario Community Colleges and a number of employers in manufacturing, education, energy, health care, municipalities and their respective unions. An author of numerous published articles in labour relations, he is currently a doping and national team selections appeals arbitrator with the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada and a salary arbitrator in the collective agreement of the NHL and the NHL Players Association. Mr. Picher was elected President of the National Academy of Arbitrators for 2008-09.

Recipient of the 2009 Bora Laskin Award.