Nicole Biros-Bolton is an associate in Ross & McBride’s Human Rights Group where she acts on behalf of people facing discrimination based on race, disability, age, pregnancy, or other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code. She also represents clients who have experienced wrongful termination, sexual assault, and bullying or harassment in schools. As a feminist social justice lawyer, Nicole is passionate about matters related to gender identity and expression, and gender-based violence including partner violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Her practice is supported by 20 years of experience working as a front-line counsellor and advocate for women, children, and gender-diverse individuals who have experienced violence, trauma, and abuse. She believes that justice and equity are non-negotiable and always worth fighting for, and she pursues these goals for her clients.

She places a great value on strong communication with her clients, who benefit from her combination of solid legal expertise and natural empathy. She uses her ability to listen, assess a situation, and help clients feel heard by ensuring their personal story remains at the centre of their legal matter. You can follow her for legal information and musings on Instagram and TikTok @empathylawyer.