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Accommodating Disabilities

Balancing Attendance Management, Accommodation and Return to Work

Attendance management programs have become increasingly common in workplaces across Canada. The goal of these programs is to reduce absenteeism, but some absences are unavoidable, especially for employees with disabilities. In this in-depth training session, participants will master how to balance the objectives of attendance management programs with the legal duty to accommodate employees with disabilities.

This session will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Craft effective sick leave and attendance management policies that comply with human rights and privacy law
  • Identify the point at which the duty to accommodate ends because undue hardship results from disability-related absenteeism
  • Make appropriate inquiries into an employee’s health when a disability has not been disclosed
  • Communicate effectively during attendance management meetings while ensuring fairness to employees involved in an attendance management program

During the session participants will practise applying skills and knowledge to matters related to attendance management and receive feedback from experts.



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Additional Information

Includes materials, with case summaries and analyses, prepared by Lancaster's legal staff.