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Chris Albertyn


Tom Roper K.C.

Labour Relations Counsel

Nini Jones

Labour Relations Counsel

Friday, October 11, 2024

In the police services sector, if negotiations result in an impasse, wages and working conditions are determined by labour arbitrators rather than by strike or lockout. In this virtual workshop, seasoned experts will address key issues and trends in interest arbitration in the police services sector, as reflected in the decisions of leading arbitrators across Canada.

Attendees can expect to learn principles and practices relating to the following:

  • Selecting an arbitrator
  • Preparing for mediation and arbitration
  • Presenting briefs and documents at arbitration
  • Examining alternative formats including conventional arbitration, med-arb, arb-med, final offer selection, and first contract arbitration
  • The criteria that arbitrators apply including replication/comparability, demonstrated need and total compensation
  • The treatment of substantive issues, such as wage determination, impact of inflation, staffing standards, contracting out, appropriate benefit levels, etc.
  • The treatment of process issues, including ground rules, package bargaining, effect of pattern-setting settlements and awards, status of unratified settlements, etc.
  • Effective remedies, including interim awards, final orders, enforcement and judicial review

The emphasis will be on practical advice. Up-to-date materials will be provided with case summaries, overviews and analyses prepared by Lancaster’s legal staff.

Who should attend? The program is designed for:

  • HR directors, professionals and executives
  • Police chiefs
  • Union officers, representatives, advocates
  • Union and management negotiators and negotiating committee members
  • Labour lawyers/consultants
  • Arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators
  • Deputy police chiefs


CPD Alberta
This program has been approved by CPHR Alberta for 3.5 Continuing Professional Development hours.
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