July 4, 2023

Men’s mental health in the workplace is increasingly being recognized as a concern that is exacerbated by factors such as job pressures and stigmas surrounding mental health. In this panel, experts will examine the men’s mental health crisis in the workplace, discuss the employer’s and union’s duty to accommodate, and explore strategies to support employee wellbeing. Specifically, experts will discuss the following:

  • What do studies reveal about the decline of men’s mental health in the workplace? What are contributing factors to this decline?
  • What workplace threats affecting men’s mental health are within an employer’s or union’s control?
  • When can employers or unions inquire about an employee’s mental health? What do studies about men’s mental health suggest regarding the appropriate scope and manner of making requests for information?
  • What steps should employers or unions take where an employee fails to acknowledge a mental health condition or declines to provide the requested information? What reasons have studies suggested for men’s reluctance to disclose such information?
  • What key mental health and employee wellbeing provisions should be included in policies and collective agreements?
  • What proactive steps can unions and employers take to reduce men’s mental health stigmas and provide an environment where employees feel they can seek support?


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