November 17, 2022

Workers’ compensation systems across Canada are changing. In this webinar, leading experts will discuss and evaluate the developments that have taken place in recent years in workers’ compensation systems across Canada and consider what the future may bring. Topics to be addressed include the following:

  • Is there a definitive meaning of the term “worker” that applies to workers’ compensation systems in an ever-changing economic climate?
  • In what circumstances are workers entitled to compensation if they are injured while working from home? How have these circumstances been affected by the pandemic?
  • How have the application of health and safety regulations and legislation been impacted by flexible work arrangements, where workers are working remotely? What is the anticipated application of this legislation as telework arrangements continue post-pandemic?
  • How can employers balance return-to-work policies with their duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace? How, if at all, does the right to refuse unsafe work factor into this inquiry?
  • Have workers’ compensation models become more or less worker-friendly in recent years? How does this impact workers’ compensation claims, particularly given the increasing occurrence of mental health issues post-pandemic?
  • How have workers’ compensation boards resolved issues of jurisdiction, standing, and proper forum in recent cases?
  • How have technological changes impacted the investigation and adjudication of workers’ compensation claims? Can streamlined procedures be adopted through tele-medicine and automation without sacrificing due diligence and procedural fairness?
  • What are other recent cross-country updates in workers’ compensation legislation?