February 2, 2023

Workplace policies that ensure that businesses can continue in the face of viral threats have become imperative. Experts will discuss infection control and prevention measures as well as flexible working arrangements. In this webinar, questions to be addressed will include:

  • Will mandatory vaccination policies continue to be upheld? What features of such policies are likely to render them unreasonable?
  • Are long-term remote, hybrid, and/or flexible workplace arrangements necessary to address recurring viral threats?
  • How can an organization successfully integrate employees with different working arrangements?
  • Can the permanent adoption of virtual collaboration tools assist employers in fostering a collaborative work culture?
  • What are some examples of creative, unique, and/or innovative workplace arrangements that have emerged worldwide in response to the pandemic?
  • How can employers account for psychosocial risks to employees when developing infection control policies?
  • What are best practices when it comes to monitoring the effectiveness of infection control and prevention policies?