October 18, 2022

Workplace microaggressions are subtle behaviours or comments that further marginalize individuals already facing systemic oppression. For an employer, it can be a complex endeavour to appropriately respond to microaggressions in the workplace. Tackling the issue, however, is necessary to combat the cumulative impacts that microaggressions can have on the physical and mental health of employees. In this webinar, leading experts will offer guidance on recognizing and reducing workplace microaggressions, including the following:

  • What gives rise to a microaggression? How do unconscious biases and prejudices shape our interactions with our colleagues?
  • Is there a legal standard for what constitutes a microaggression? When does a microaggression lead to workplace harassment?
  • What are the various categories of microaggressions and how are they evidenced in a workplace?
  • What is a behavioural, environmental, or verbal microaggression?
  • What are microassaults, microinsults, and microinvalidations?
  • Which protected classes of people are often affected by microaggressions?
  • How are employee productivity, retention, and attendance impacted by workplace microaggressions?
  • How should an employer address a microaggression? When is it appropriate to discipline an employee? When is it appropriate to train or educate an employee? What kinds of management techniques foster a workplace with fewer incidences of interpersonally oppressive behaviours?