June 29, 2023

Creating a safe and healthy work environment for all employees is a vital employer obligation. For transgender and gender-diverse employees, a safe and healthy workplace is one that fosters inclusive policies, protects employee privacy, and provides appropriate accommodations. In this webinar, experts will explain the ways in which employers, unions, and employees can collaborate to create an inclusive workplace for all. The following questions will be discussed:

  • What is gender identity and gender expression? What does it mean to be transgender? What does it mean to be gender-non-conforming? What are common workplace issues that transgender and gender-diverse employees may experience?
  • When may a transgender or gender-diverse employee require an accommodation? When do employers have a duty to accommodate? What role, if any, does the employee have in the accommodation process? What is the union’s role in the accommodation process?
  • What strategies can employers use to incorporate inclusive policies and hiring practices for transgender and gender-diverse employees? What role does the union have in developing or monitoring inclusive workplace policies? What unique provisions should employers and unions consider when determining benefits policies and administration of benefits?
  • How can employers and unions support transitioning employees who request special assistance or accommodations? What are best practices when creating a workplace support plan for an employee who is transitioning?
  • What privacy concerns are triggered when it comes to an employee’s gender-diverse status information? How can employers and unions ensure that information about gender identity and transition is private and protected? Under what circumstances can gender identity status information, or information pertaining to an employee’s transition, be disclosed and to whom? What are best practices if disclosure is necessary?
  • What steps should employers and unions take to protect gender-diverse employees from harassment in the workplace?
  • What role does diversity training on gender identity and gender expression have in creating a trans-inclusive workplace? What are relevant national and international examples of diversity training of this nature?


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