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Program Leader

Sean Ryan

Program Details

This full-day session will provide an overview of the WSIB appeal process form receipt of an adverse board-level decision through to a WSIAT hearing. Experienced advocates will provide practical advice on crafting an effective advocacy strategy and marshalling persuasive evidence before WSIB Appeals Resolution Officers (AROs) and the WSIAT.

Employer and worker advocates will learn to:

  • Appeal a board-level decision within mandated timelines
  • Identify, sort and prioritize issues in an appeal
  • Develop a “theory of the case”
  • Meet pre-hearing disclosure obligations
  • Obtain relevant evidence
  • Anticipate and meet the other side’s arguments
  • Prepare clients for hearings
  • Effectively use and challenge medical information
  • Make effective opening statements and final arguments
  • Question and cross-question witnesses
CPD Alberta
This program has been approved for Continuing Professional Development 5.5 hours under Category A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA).


  • CPD for Members of the Law Society of Ontario: 5.5 Substantive Hours; 0 Professionalism Hours.
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